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                Group introduction

                Founded in 1987, Southern Environmental Protection Group is a national high-tech enterprise integrating environmental protection technology, equipment, engineering and service. It is located under the (Core Shareholders' Holding) Guangdong Southern Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong. Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd. has a number of localized branches or offices.

                The main business is malodor and VOCs governance, sludge treatment, water environment management, environmental services and related environmental project investment. Our unique features are continuous research on our core technologies and products, and provide a full range of services around core technologies, including but not limited to equipment, engineering, package, maintenance, smart operations, and investment. The company has a group of senior talents such as academicians, doctoral supervisors, researchers and senior engineers of the Academy of Engineering, focusing on the research and development of environmental pollution control technology and leading the development of the industry. With a first-class office environment and experimental facilities, it has a first-class modern production base.

                In the field of malodor and VOCs treatment, it has successfully developed biological, chemical and physical series treatment devices for odor pollutants and VOCs, and has been widely used in municipal, sanitation, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. More than ten invention and utility model patents have been obtained in biological treatment fillers, deodorization processes, devices and systems. The company has established “Guangdong Industrial Organic Waste Gas and Odor Control Engineering Technology Research Center”, which is one of the joint construction units of “National Engineering Laboratory for Volatile Organic Pollutant Treatment Technology and Equipment” and “Volatile Organic Pollution Control Industry in Guangdong Province” The main member of the Technology Innovation Alliance. The project has a nationwide performance. As of April 2019, the company has completed 470 sets of odor and VOCs treatment facilities in 266 projects, with a cumulative processing capacity of over 8.46 million m3/h.

                In the field of sludge treatment, the company took the lead in successfully building a domestic self-owned brand sludge silo system, which is in the forefront of the sales performance. It has provided complete sludge treatment equipment and related services for nearly 100 sewage plants at home and abroad, and cooperated with many internationally renowned enterprises to introduce and develop independently. It is committed to research and development of sludge dewatering, drying, storage and transportation. With innovation, we have accumulated rich design and practical experience to provide customers with high quality and efficient “sludge dewatering, drying, storage and transportation” system solutions and services.

                In the field of water environment management, the company cooperates with Guangdong Microbiology Research Institute and Grundfos, the world's largest water pump manufacturer, to provide customers with a series of services such as sewage interception, ecological restoration, operation and maintenance. Has a number of invention patents, has nearly 100 projects and equipment for interception, and the in-situ repair of the foul-smelling river mud, and is the first to promote the Grundfos integrated pumping station and pump gate in South China. South China dealers.

                In the field of environmental services and investment, the company has strong financial strength and cooperates with key universities and computer and automation laboratories to provide customers with complete sets of equipment and equipment for sewage treatment plants, sludge treatment plants and garbage treatment plants. Technical consulting, equipment supply and installation, maintenance and other services. The company has built a smart environmental protection cloud platform, which can upload real-time operating conditions and on-site environment information to the cloud server through 4G intelligent gateways, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), smart meters, digital video cameras and other intelligent devices. 7*24 hours of uninterrupted service, providing comprehensive services such as fault alarm, risk warning, rapid repair, remote diagnosis, big data analysis, digital modeling, etc., integrating “data collection, analysis and control” to help customers greatly improve transportation. Tube efficiency and quality, greatly reducing operating costs.

                More than 70% of the company's employees are undergraduate degrees, and most of the core staff and management are from well-known universities. Guangdong Institute of Microbiology is a shareholder of the company and a technical support unit for environmental microbes. The Institute of Microbiology has nearly 50 years of experience in microbiology research and is one of the three major microbiology research institutes in China. At present, there are 1 academician of the Academy of Engineering, 59 research fellows and associate researchers. The State Key Laboratory for the Application of Microorganisms in South China has been established, with a first-class talent team and scientific research facilities and equipment.

                The company has also cooperated with many internationally renowned companies to introduce, represent and promote international advanced environmental protection technologies and equipment, and has achieved good results in municipal wastewater treatment, tap water, electric power, oil refining, chemical and other industries. At the same time, with the project management and technical advantages accumulated over the years, the company has made great achievements in the design and complete set of sludge treatment system, general contracting and operation management of sewage treatment plant equipment.

                Innovation is not only the mission of technology companies, but also the foundation of the company. We spare no effort to do this. The company has undertaken the national "863" project, the "Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "Guangdong-Hong Kong key areas key breakthrough projects", the "provincial industry-university-research project" and the provincial, municipal, district and other levels. Dozens of science and technology projects; won the "National Environmental Protection Science and Technology First Prize", "Guangdong Province Science and Technology First Prize", "Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Science and Technology First Prize" "Guangdong Province Science and Technology Second Prize", "Guangzhou City Science and Technology First Prize"; has dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents. Among them, the biofilter deodorizing device was rated as “2009 National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology”, “2010 National Key New Product”, “2015 Guangdong High-tech Product”; Bio-drip Filter Deodorization Device Received Technology The “Technology Innovation Fund for Science and Technology SMEs” was accepted; the invention patent of “A Biological Deodorization Method and Its Device” was awarded the “Gold Award of the 18th National Invention Exhibition” in 2009 and the “Guangdong Patent Award” in 2011. "Excellence Award"; the core patented product "Microbial Deodorization Technology and Equipment" won the "Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Science and Technology First Prize" and "National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Third Prize" respectively in 2013; "Sewage sludge treatment and disposal process stench Odor Biological Treatment Technology was selected into the National Advanced Pollution Prevention and Control Catalogue in 2016; National VOCs Monitoring and Governance Innovation Achievements “Biofilter Deodorization Device” was awarded “2017 Excellent Innovation Equipment” in the treatment category; “Biogas Treatment Technology in Chemical Industry” was Entered as “2018 Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology and Demonstration List”; “Multi-interface microorganisms with complex pollution of water bodies” Strengthening the key technologies and applications of governance” won the “First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Province in 2018”. At the same time has more than ten high-tech products. In 2018, its subsidiary Guangzhou Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. won the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Finals Outstanding Enterprise Award and the 3rd Yangcheng “Kechuang Cup” Innovation with the “Innovative Low-cost Sludge De-drying Treatment System” project. The first prize of the Entrepreneurship Competition; Guangdong Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd. won the “Excellent Enterprise” award in the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 1st “Xinghu Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Zhaoqing City prize.

                The company takes "sincerely improve the living environment" as its mission, "sincere, initiative, synergy, innovation, hard work" as the core values. Adhering to the "professional, quality, sincere and efficient" business philosophy, we strive to become a leader in stench and VOCs governance, a first-class provider of sludge and water environment management technology, and a special environmental service provider and investor.

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